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          • Introduction
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          • Parameters


          Properties and characteristics

          Dual probes, automatic clot and liquid level detection, constant temperature refrigeration of reagents
          Automatic dilution, accurate sample adding, constant temperature reaction, random, batch and emergency mode.
          Patented magnetic particles mixing and constant temperature detection technology.
          Passive blending structure of reaction plate,rotating oscillation washing.


          Technical parameters

          Product nameChemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer
          ModelAxceed 260
          Testing speed180T/h
          Technical functionSample clot detection, liquid level detection, cleaning solution remains alarm, probe pellet recovery, sound and light alarm, automatic anti-collision.
          Test modeRandom, batch and emergency(Sample can be set at any time)
          Mixing methodIndependent high-speed bi-directional automatic mixing
          Sample positions60(10 emergency positions)
          Reagent positions30(refrigeration function)
          Carryover rate≦10-6
          Incubation positions90(37±0.5℃)
          Mechanismmagnetic particle chemiluminescence
          Segregation patternMagnetic isolation technique
          Time of the first reportAt fastest 10 minutes
          Sample volume10-50μL
          Transmission typeRotating disc
          Sample typeSerum, plasma
          Period of reagent validity28 days
          Calibration mode
          2points or 6 points calibration
          Calibration stability28 days
          Barcodes scanBarcode Scanner(optional),various bar-codes can be identified
          Software systemChinese/English operation interface, data sharing with Lis/His system, perfect data management system, strong fault handling mechanism.
          DimensionTable type 1300mm × 600mm × 740mm(length × width × height)